Event Planning Staff

With over thirty years of casino party and customer relations experience, your next party couldn't be in better hands. Unusual requests and special requirements are commonplace for our planning team. Want to offer a new car as a prize for your next party? - we've done it. Need a real riverboat casino party? - no problem. If you can imagine it, we can usually make it happen.

Dealing Staff

We are exceptionally proud of our dealing staff. Many have been with us over ten years, and they represent a diverse mix of ages, talents, and experience, including some former casino professionals.

All members of our dealing staff are required to complete a class both in game proficiency and guest relations. We make sure that each of our staff understands their responsibilities both to you the host and to your guests as well. Our goal is to have each dealer do their personal best to insure that each guest gets the maximum enjoyment, yet treat everyone in a uniform manner so everyone has an equal chance to win.

Our staff understands that many of your guests may be new to the games, and our staff enjoys teaching as much as dealing. We're happy to take some extra time helping someone understand a game that may be too intimidating in a real casino setting.

Dealers are all uniformly-dressed and arrive for work in dark slacks, long-sleeve burgundy authentic dealer's shirt, and a name tag.

For Your Peace Of Mind

We maintain full insurance coverage in effect at all times for all of our vehicles, staff, and equipment, including liability coverage. Our completed dealing and setup staff is also fully covered by all other insurance (workman's comp., etc.) as required by law.


We invite you to compare our quality. Our tables are all casino-grade in quality, size, appearance, and function (except those pieces specifically designated for home parties). While it costs more to do it right, we feel the end result of this extra investment is well worthwhile.

Our Craps tables are made of the finest Oak, Walnut and Cherry woods to exact casino specifications. With leather upholstery arm rails, authentic house cloth layouts and hand-carved chip channels, our tables could just as easily be at Caesar's Palace.

Our Roulette tables feature hand-painted layouts that are some of the finest made in the world. The wheels we use are made to exact casino specifications while also being perfectly legal to use as interstate commerce laws restrict the sale of wheels across state lines. We are one of few casino party companies in the country with our equipment registered with the United States Department of Justice, so you can have peace-of-mind!

Massinos Casino's is famous for our card tables. Whether you're at a seven-player Black Jack table anticipating the next card coming out of the shoe or at one of our beautiful trademark red Texas Hold'em Tables admiring the padded armrests and integrated drink holders, you'll always feel like Vegas has setup a casino at your event.

We've set the standard for industry variety and nobody in the U.S. does horse racing like we do. Our famous River City Horse Racing doesn't use movies or films. We bring beautifully crafted fiberglass horses to the event along with a track, betting window and professional race caller that will get the crowd going wild and a jockey. No detail is spared as the odds are posted and guests are given authentic betting slips as the places their bets at the window. Then a guest is chosen to roll the dice that determines the horses' progression as chips are thrown out into the crowd to promote cheers and yells to "motivate" the horses.

At Massino's Cassinos, it's all about the details. Whether you notice the authentic casino cards we use at all of our tables, the clay chips as the dice knocks over a stack at the Craps table or the clackity-clack of the leather clapper on our authentic 60" Money Wheels (complete with real money inside), guests always notice all the small things that come together to create the unmatched atmosphere at a Massino's event.